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4 Warning Signs that Your Windows Frames Need Painting

No one wants a house without windows. What would life be without the natural daylight they let in, or the beauty they let us see through them? However, as beautiful as they are, they also come at a cost. We need to clean them to keep them attractive. Likewise, we need to maintain them in order to prevent them from becoming leak points. So, what do you look for to see if your window frames need painting?

Problem Signs on Your Exterior Window Frames

Peeling Paint: If the paint on your window frames is peeling or flaking off, paint failure has begun, and it needs to be addressed. Rain, snow and humidity now have direct access to your wood structure, and they will begin the process of destroying it.

Wood Rot: Use your fingers to probe the wood around your windows, especially under the window and at the lower portions on the sides of the windows. If the wood feels soft and spongey, or if it shows other signs of movement or damage, you need to take action soon to prevent a big problem.

Caulk Failure: Over time, caulk can shrink or become brittle. It may separate from one of the surfaces, or crack into pieces in key locations. This is a serious sign of potential water intrusion.

Moisture Inside the House: When the paint and caulk outside your windows are not doing their job, water will often find a way inside. You might find water puddled on your inner window sill, or find an unexpected damp spot on the wall or floor under a window. Again, this is a sign you can't ignore.

Why You Need to Deal with Window Frame Problems Promptly

When it comes to wood rot and water damage, the problems will not stay small. Small leaks will become big. Small rotted areas will spread. Little areas of paint failure will quickly grow. What was once a tiny damp area will become a mold or mildew problem.

If you find and repair a window frame issue early, it is generally not very difficult or expensive. However, a delay in addressing the damage will result in a greater hassle and a larger bill.

How to Fix Your Deteriorated Window Frames

If there is any damaged wood, it will need to be removed and replaced. In cases of minor rot, the affected area can be scraped and then filled with wood putty. Either way, the repaired area will need to be primed and painted.

In cases of flaking or peeling paint, any loose paint will need to be removed with a putty knife or wire brush. Then the bare wood must be primed and painted.

When caulk has split or cracked, use a utility knife to cut away the caulk that has failed. Then use an exterior-grade caulk that is labeled for use on windows and doors to fill the cracks.

Professional Painting Services in Connecticut

If you would like to have a professional inspect your window frames, Southington Painting would be happy to oblige. We offer free estimates, and we can help you determine the state of your exterior paint. If any repairs are needed, we provide carpentry repairs as well as caulk and paint services.

Southington Painting is a reputable painting contractor serving the New England area, including Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. Feel free to contact us with any of your painting needs or questions!

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