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4 Qualities of a Great Commercial Painting Company

Commercial painting has a lot of overlap with residential painting, and the qualities that make a good painter are similar in each case. For example, you need a painting company that is honest, safe, reliable, skilled and polite. However, there are several ways in which commercial painting is more demanding and requires additional skills to handle well.

What Makes a Good Commercial Painter?

Training: The paint industry is continually creating innovative new products and solutions for a huge variety of applications. In order to keep up with the field and provide the best services to our customers, our commercial painting employees receive regular education and training. We also make sure to review safety procedures, equipment usage and other crucial items.

Quality Employees: Some commercial painters use subcontractors for a large portion of their work. This means the customers don't know from day to day who will be in their facilities. It also puts distance between the painting company and the painters actually doing the work.

At Southington Painting, we only use our own employees - never subcontractors! This means that every person who walks onto your property has been rigorously screened and thoroughly trained. They also wear our uniforms, so you know who they are. We take direct, immediate responsibility for everyone who bears our name, so you can be assured of the utmost professionalism.

Flexibility: Many commercial facilities, such as banks, schools and libraries, are mostly open during normal business hours. In order to accommodate their schedules, we are ready to work evenings and weekends. Other commercial clients, however, like restaurants and churches, are busiest during evenings and weekends. Some facilities, such as certain retail stores, even operate around the clock!

A good commercial painting contractor is prepared to work on any schedule in order to complete your project with a minimum of disruption to your business. Southington Painting will work after hours and on weekends to make sure your job is as hassle-free as possible.

Range of Services: With the vast range of commercial clients that exist, a good commercial painting company needs to offer an equally large range of services. From epoxy flooring to fireproof coatings, from elastomeric paint to commercial wallcoverings, Southington Painting is ready to serve the needs of your facility.

Commercial Painting in Connecticut

Southington Painting is a commercial and residential painting company located in Plantsville, Connecticut. We also serve Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Dutchess and Putnam Counties in New York. We have been working in this area since 1979, and we look forward to many more decades of service!

We provide top-notch painting services for HOA's, restaurants, hotels, schools, libraries, churches and houses of worship, factories, warehouses, retail stores, medical facilities, corporate offices, and much more!

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