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Where to Buy Interior Paint: Paint Store vs. Home Improvement Store

With the rise of big-box stores, “one stop shopping” has been the theme of recent decades. After all, if you can pick up fresh fruit, a bicycle chain, and new underwear all in one stop, why not?! However, there are times when even these vast emporiums lack the specific products we seek. And if you ever need to speak to someone who is truly knowledgeable about their products, you may need to look elsewhere. Is this the case with interior paint? Is the big-box home improvement store a good place to go, or is it best to visit a paint store?

Just like the case with the fresh fruit, the bike chain, or the underclothes, it really depends on what you are looking for. If you are satisfied with something generic and of mid-range quality, then the big-box store is fine. But when you need something more, visit a paint store.

When the Home Improvement Store Is Sufficient

Any store that sells paint can do a fine job fulfilling the basic functions that customers look for:

  • Mixing predetermined colors based on color card selections
  • Selling the typical sheens of interior house paint
  • Providing basic information in response to frequently-asked questions
  • Supplying interior paint with poor to middle-of-the-road quality and performance

When You Need a Paint Store for Your Interior Project

One of the biggest advantages to visiting a paint store is the incredible product knowledge of the employees. They really know the products they sell, and they can help you find the best interior paint for your specific application. Additionally, these employees can answer all kinds of unusual and specific questions that come up as you prepare to paint. That kind of insight adds a lot of value to your painting experience!

Color matching is a tricky business, and when you really need the interior paint color to be the same, a paint store is the place to go. With color scanning and mixing technologies, it is possible to match just about anything these days, from a piece of fabric to a photo on your phone. However, it takes superior equipment and experience to make an exact match from less-than-ideal surfaces or materials. A paint store is far more likely to get you the exact tone and hue you are looking for.

Unique painting circumstances require specialized products, and many of these are available only from fine paint stores. What kinds of products could that include?

  • Ultra high-gloss interior paint
  • Chalkboard or whiteboard paint
  • Antimicrobial paints for areas prone to dampness
  • Extra resilient paints for high-traffic or frequently-scrubbed surfaces
  • Waterproof coatings
  • Specialized stains, gel coats, glazes, varnishes, and other wood-refinishing products
  • Epoxies and enamels
  • Metallic paints
  • Heavy duty primer or odor-blocking paint
  • High-build primer

Finally, paint stores generally carry premium-quality interior paints. These provide truer, more consistent coloring and coverage, with beauty that lasts many years longer.

As you can see, your local paint store is the place to go for more extensive product knowledge, expert color matching, specialized products, and superior quality.

Another Path to Superior Interior Paint

When you work with a professional interior house painter, you get all the benefits of a paint store, plus many more! A quality painting company has the expertise to answer all of your questions. They also have access to premium color matching services and the full array of specialized, high-quality products that you are looking for.

Best of all, your interior painting contractor has the skills and experience to apply the paint so that it gives its utmost beauty and longevity!

For homeowners in Connecticut, Southington Painting is the name you can trust for superb customer service and exceptional painting results. Call us today or contact us online for a free interior painting estimate!

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