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Should I Paint My Garage Door?  Connecticut Painting Tips

For many Connecticut home designs, the garage door is one of the most prominent features of the house. With this much visibility, it is crucial that your garage door look its best and coordinate with the rest of your home exterior. That is why homeowners often ask, "should I paint my garage door?" There is no simple answer that fits to every situation, but there are some factors that can help make this decision for you.

The health of your current garage door paint

If the paint on your garage door is faded, worn thin, cracked, peeling, or otherwise unsightly, it is a great idea to paint it. A fresh coat of paint will serve to protect this important piece of your home from the elements, and it will also go a long way towards updating and improving the look of your house. If the paint has deteriorated, it is important to treat the surface properly before applying the new paint.

On the other hand, if your garage door paint is still in good condition, you may want to think longer about whether or not to paint it. Metal garage doors come from the factory with an extremely durable powder coat, which is designed to last for decades. Once you paint over this original coating, the new paint will need to be maintained more often. This consideration does not apply to wooden garage doors, since they need periodic paint maintenance in any case.

The color scheme of your home exterior

Most paint experts advise painting your garage door the same color as your front door, or a simple white. That way, you are always sure it will match! However, this standard advice leaves most homes looking… well, standard! There are other ways to choose a garage door color that will create a more individual and eye-catching effect. Garage door colors are not the main focus of this post, so I’ll leave this topic here, but if you believe your garage door could be put to better use for curb appeal, paint away!

Garage door painting in the Connecticut

Southington Painting is an expert in residential exterior painting. If you would like to have your garage door painted, or even if you are just considering the next exterior painting project for your Connecticut home, feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas. As a residential and commercial painting contractor, we serve Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut.