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Make Sure These Items Are On Your Springtime Home Maintenance Checklist

On one hand, spring is a refreshing, fun season for home improvement projects. There’s something energizing about the warmer air, budding greenery, and the promise that summer is coming soon.

Winter still tends to leave a lingering impact on our homes here in Central Connecticut, however, sometimes managing to do damage long after the cold and snow is gone.

The key is to take proactive care of your home, inspecting and correcting points of decay before they have a chance to grow.

Springtime Is the Right Time for...

  • A roof inspection - Don’t risk climbing on your roof (it’s not worth the potential harm to either yourself or the surface underfoot). Using a set of binoculars, you can safely look for torn, damaged shingles, and for lifting sections as well. It also is wise to check your gutter system for shed granules. All of these symptoms point to the need for professional services.
  • A dry rot checkup - Dry rot typically starts small, but its appetite for healthy wood fibers is insatiable. Walk around your property, checking the wood for weak points where rot may be developing and spreading. Find more details and tips here!
  • Deck maintenance and repairs - Make sure your outdoor space is healthy and looking its best before your first BBQ of the season.
  • Pressure washing - If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of professional pressure washing, well, now is the time! Not only does it provide a rejuvenating wash for your home’s exterior surfaces, but it also prolongs the life of your paint and stain by removing corrosive contaminants.

And, Of Course, This Is the Season for Exterior Painting in Connecticut!

Far beyond just providing an updated look (as nice as that is), exterior paint offers a few other key benefits that can’t be overlooked:

  • One of the highest returns on investment of any home improvement project
  • A boost to your property’s marketability
  • Crucial surface protection, including sealing out termites and other pests that are looking for a point of entry

Let’s Discuss Your Home Painting Goals

Your team here at Southington Painting is ready to help. Contact us today with any questions you might have!