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How to Recognize a Superior Paint Job

A great interior paint job and a second-rate one might not at first appear too different. Nevertheless, the difference in quality shows up in the details and overall feel of a room. Once you know what to look for, the differences are obvious, and the excellence of a house painting project is clear.

Consistent, Smooth Walls

It is typical for interior walls to be worn and damaged over time. A quality painter, though, will offer drywall services to thoroughly patch and prime any dents or scratches. This will guarantee a smooth, even wall, once it is painted. A budget painter will patch these untidily, if at all.

To confirm that a wall has been expertly repaired, observe it at an angle so it reflects light. This will demonstrate the quality of the surface preparation.

Photo by Addition Building & Design, Inc. - More family room ideas

Even Color Coverage

When you look at an excellently-painted wall, from close-up or at a distance, you will see even and consistent coverage. If an interior paint job is hurried or incorrectly applied, you will see some of these signs:

  • Splatters and drips
  • Obvious roller marks
  • Tiny spots that weren’t painted
  • Evident brush-strokes near edges of walls and doors
  • Patches of thin coverage

Faceplates, Knobs and Fixtures

The excellence of a paint project will become apparent around faceplates, knobs and fixtures. Paint drips or splashes on these are signs of a poor paint job. The paint should come smoothly up to the edge of the item, leaving no gap where the old paint color shows through.

Photo by Polhemus Savery DaSilva - Discover bedroom design ideas

Edges and Joints

Another tell-tale sign of second rate painting is wavy or unclear edges and joints. For instance, where the ceiling meets the walls, is the edge straight and crisp, or does it wobble? Also check the line where two differently colored walls meet: is it clean and distinct? How about the baseboards, trim and door frames? Quality painting would mean that these lines are all straight and clean.

Excellent Painting Services in Connecticut, Massachusetts And New Hampshire

Once you can recognize a superior paint job, a messy one is very frustrating. If you are looking for an excellent house painting company in Connecticut, Massachusetts or New Hampshire, we would be happy to serve you. Southington Painting Company ensures high quality painting and we pay attention to making every detail clean and sharp. Please feel free to call or schedule an estimate online today.

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