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How to Landscape in a Way that Won’t Damage Your Exterior House Paint

Landscaping and exterior house painting have the same purpose: to make our homes look better. But sometimes our landscaping can deteriorate our house or paint, and we don’t want that to happen. In order to avoid damaging your home or shortening the life of your exterior paint, here are a few tips:

1 – Ivy Growing up Your House

There is a picturesque, old-world charm to ivy growing up the side of your house, but it is also very bad for your siding and other building materials. It will loosen your siding, grow into the mortar between bricks, invade your soffits, mar your exterior paint, and generally pull apart your house. So, for the health of your home, keep any vine-like plants from growing on the exterior.



2 – Bushes Pressed up Against Your House

A lot of us have bushes as part of our landscaping. They can look lovely, but if they are pressed up close against your house it can cause moisture problems, eventually leading to mildew or even wood rot. It's best to keep your bushes trimmed so that they are at least a couple feet away from your siding. That way, your house has room to breathe and dry out, protecting the exterior paint and the surfaces underneath.


3 – Piles of Leaves

Leaves can pile up surprisingly quickly, especially in the fall, but if leaves pile up against the walls of your house, this can quickly lead to other problems. The trapped moisture can cause rot or fungus on the lower portion of your house, but that's not all. The leaves can also provide a place for rodents and insects to live, making it more likely that they will also try to make a home inside your house. For this reason, it can be better not to plant trees too near your home, or else make sure to clean up the leaves faithfully.


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