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How To Avoid 5 Common Interior Painting Mistakes

Ready to start an interior painting project? The process can be fun, rewarding, and transformative, but there’s also potential for stress and frustration. The good news is that most of the issues homeowners run into can be avoided pretty easily. To get you started off strong, we wanted to share a few interior painting pitfalls to watch out for.

1. Choosing a paint color based on a swatch

Those little squares of color can be helpful, but only for the first round of color selection. In other words, they’re meant for narrowing down your options, not making a final selection. It’s best to either invest in samples painted directly on your wall or larger color squares taped in place. You have to see a sampling of the color in your home and in varying light throughout the day.

Want more insight? Keep reading:

2. Forgetting to keep your furry friends out

We all love the company of our pets, but while you are painting it is best to keep them in a different room. Pets can steal paint brushes, knock over paint cans, or track paint all over the drop cloth–and then the rest of your home. That’s a lot of clean-up! Also remember to put the lids back on the paint cans. You don’t want to step in the paint either!

3. Getting paint on the wrong surfaces

These steps can help you avoid a mess to clean up:

  1. Tape edges and use drop cloths and plastic. Otherwise you will get paint on the floor and trim.
  2. “Cut in” by using a brush to outline the top and bottom of your wall. This way you will avoid getting paint on the ceiling or the baseboards.

4. Spraying without covering everything

Just like dust, excess paint from spraying can land on everything. Make sure you cover every surface (other that the one you are spraying, of course) and then hang plastic over the doorways so tiny paint drops don’t drift into the rest of your home,

5. Not cleaning before painting

This may seem obvious, but it’s best to dust and clean surfaces that you are about to paint. When painting, it’s easy to trap dust and other particles in the paint and create an unsightly, slightly hairy mess. No thank you!

Bonus tip!

The pitfalls above (and so, so many others) are all good reasons to let a professional interior painter handle your project. No more worrying about which paint to use, buying equipment, unsatisfactory finishes, messes, etc. It REALLY is worth doing once, and doing right!

If you have any more questions or decide you want to hire a professional instead, contact us. We are happy to help!

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