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Expert Opinions: Paint Colors of the Year for 2021

Every day, our lives are surrounded by color. Much of the time, we take those colors for granted, not realizing how much careful thought, research, and planning goes into the hues that fill our lives. For example, every year, color experts in the fashion and interior design industries produce color choices that will set the trends all over the country. Since these experts have worked so hard to select exquisite colors, why not take advantage of that in your interior house painting?

Here are some of the hottest colors for 2021, with a host of ways they can be used in interior painting. Do any of them set off sparks of inspiration for your home interior?

Pantone’s Color of the Year, 2021

Pantone is an industry leader in color and fashion, and normally they choose one color per year. Occasionally, however, they choose two colors that create a unique pairing, and this is one of those years!

Ultimate Gray is a calm, thoughtful, practical color. Its partner, Illuminating, is optimistic, energetic and lively. Together, they provide a solid foundation to stand on and a creative, hopeful approach to life.


As interior paint colors, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating could make a great combination in a bedroom, a living room, a foyer, and in many other areas of your home.

Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year, 2021

As a company that specializes in house paint, Benjamin Moore is especially qualified to recommend colors that will look fresh and beautiful in your home. This year, their choice is Aegean Teal, a rich, intriguing shade of blue that feels like an oasis!


Pairing well with earthy tans and beiges, or even mild shades of pink, Aegean Teal makes a gorgeous choice for a bedroom, a guest bath, a living room, or even a kitchen.

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year, 2021

Another leader in quality paints, Sherwin Williams has also weighed in on the color debate for the new year. Their choice, Urbane Bronze, is a sedate, yet mysteriously glowing color that will really make your room pop!


This neutral hue pairs elegantly with white, black, tan, brown, cream, and with natural materials like wood, concrete, and stone. Urbane Bronze is a great choice in a home office, an entertainment room, a guest bedroom, and more!

Southington Painting

Whether these color of the year ideas spark your interest, or you have some other dreams for your home interior, Southington Painting would be delighted to help you transform your home this year!

Since 1979, Southington Painting has been serving Connecticut, offering interior painting, exterior painting, kitchen cabinet painting, epoxy flooring, drywall services, wallpaper services, and a whole lot more. Contact us for a free estimate, and get started on your color transformations!

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