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Color Ideas for Exterior House Painting

Some color choices last a very short time: red peppers, or yellow ones in the salad? Blue toenails, or purple? The black tie, or the green? Other color choices are ones we will live with for quite a while, such as the color of your home exterior. This makes the decision feel much more significant, and you want to make sure you select well. That being the case, how do you choose paint colors for your home exterior?

Choosing Trim Colors to Go with Siding

For many people, the siding does not require painting, whether that be brick, vinyl, or aluminum. Since the main color of the house is already determined, what remains is to choose the accent colors that will go on the wood trim, as well as on the doors, shutters, and other architectural details.

Contrast is the key word when choosing the paint colors that will accentuate the details of your home exterior. If your siding is a solid color like red, gray, blue, yellow, and so on, then white is the classic, time-honored choice for a trim color. This provides very pleasing outlines and contrast, without any sense of being overbearing. If your siding is white or a light shade of gray, beige, or blue, then dark gray or black gives a similar effect, but with a more striking appearance.

If you are hoping for a more colorful option for the accents, it is a common practice to choose colors that are either adjacent on the color wheel, or opposite.

Adjacent paint colors:

  • Yellow (orange and green)
  • Red (purple and orange)
  • Blue (green and purple)

Opposite paint colors:

  • Yellow and purple
  • Red and green
  • Blue and orange

Keep in mind that you don’t need to choose the basic, “superhero uniform” variety of these colors. For example, while bold yellow and plain purple might look too much like an Easter basket, buttermilk and lavender are a lovely, subtle pair.

Choosing Paint Colors for the Whole Home Exterior

When you choose paint colors for the siding as well as the accents, you have many more options to select from! Again, a classic choice is to go with a neutral tone for the siding, such as beige, light yellow, gray-blue, or white, and then use colorful accents for the trim and doors.

Another option is to choose a bolder color for the main walls, and use neutrals or contrasting colors for the accents. Generally, it is best not to use a basic shade of a color, like cherry red or banana yellow. Instead, look for a rich, deep forest green, a light, airy blue, or another pleasing variant of the basic color.

The best way to choose an overall paint color scheme is to browse photos of existing homes, using a general image search like Google or Bing, or on a site like Pinterest or Houzz. These image searches can help you quickly sort through thousands of options and find color combinations that appeal to you. One thing to keep in mind is that the architectural style of the home makes a difference as to what color schemes work. A rancher would look odd with Victorian-themed colors, for instance.

Ask Your Local Exterior Painting Company

Choosing the colors for your home should be a personal decision, selecting colors that you enjoy, rather than ones the experts say you should enjoy. Nevertheless, your exterior house painter has many years of experience to draw from, and they can help you understand how certain color combinations will appear on your particular house. It is even possible to paint color samples on the actual surfaces of the home, so you can see for yourself how they look.

Southington Painting has been serving Connecticut since 1979, offering exceptional customer service and superior exterior painting results. Contact our office for a free consultation and painting estimate, and find out how Southington Painting can make your exterior painting process smooth and enjoyable, with colors you will love for years to come!

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