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Can You Paint Vinyl Siding? Exterior Painting Tips for Your Central CT Home

Spring and summer are undoubtedly big seasons for refreshing your home’s exterior paint. It’s a good time for identifying and repairing wood rot and other points of decay as well, or rinsing away winter’s residue with professional pressure washing services.

But what if you have vinyl siding? Are you out of luck, and stuck forever with that outdated, slightly faded color?

Good News! You Can Paint Vinyl Siding

This new potential is really due to advances in product formulas. Latex paints specifically formulated for vinyl surfaces adhere well, endure, and can stand up to the expansion and contraction that vinyl experiences as it warms and cools.

As an example, check out these VinylSafe colors from Sherwin-Williams.

The key to success, however, really starts with preparation. And, that’s true for any exterior painting project. For standard wood clapboards, this involves repairs, patching, sanding, priming, and repairing/replacing rotten or damaged wood.

For vinyl siding, proper prep includes extensive, thorough cleaning.

Should You Hire a Professional to Paint Your Vinyl Siding?

While painting your vinyl may be possible, it’s not necessarily easy. There isn’t a margin for error, and the application needs to be skillful and smooth to ensure even coverage. And, of course, you need the right tools for both cleaning and painting, like pressure washers and professional-grade paint sprayers.

Are You Ready to Paint Your Central Connecticut Home?

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