Can I Paint Over Mold?

Mold can appear on your walls for a number of different reasons, but they all have something to do with moisture. Because mold can cause health problems, in addition to being unsightly, it is important that you deal with mold properly. Many homeowners wonder whether they can simply paint over the moldy drywall or plaster. Unfortunately, it takes a little more than that to deal with mold safely and properly.

Dealing with Mold in your Home

The most important thing to do if you have mold on your walls is determine where the moisture is coming from. Is there a leak in the roof? How about a window frame? A bathroom or kitchen fixture? Is it an area that is always damp from humidity? Some of these issues can be identified and rectified by an average homeowner. Others, however, require expert intervention. Before you deal with the mold itself, make sure you have dealt with the cause of the moisture. Otherwise, you are fighting a losing battle.

The next step is to kill the mold. Don't just scrub it or paint over it, as the mold is still living and growing, ready to continue causing problems. There are a variety of methods that people suggest for killing mold, including:

Once the mold has been killed, there are two basic choices. In severe cases, the affected surface must be removed, whether it is drywall, plaster or wood. In milder cases, may people still recommend this. However, another option is to encapsulate the dead mold with a special paint. This keeps it trapped and unable to cause problems. Zinsser Mold Killing Primer is an example of this, though home improvement and paint stores will carry other products as well.

Can I Just Use Mold-Killing Paint?

Paints that are advertised as anti-mold products do very little to combat existing mold, though they will help to prevent new mold from growing. Always deal with the existing mold in the most aggressive way you can, then use mold-killing primers and paints to help prevent future problems.

Painting Questions in Central Connecticut

If you have mold on your walls, or if you have any other paint-related questions, please feel free to contact Southington Painting. We are a well-respected painting contractor serving central Connecticut and the surrounding areas. We can advise you as to the best way to safely deal with existing mold and prevent future problems. We have your best interests at heart!