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Are White Cabinets Hard to Keep Clean?

White cabinets have been a widespread trend now for several years, and it doesn't look like they will be disappearing any time soon. They make a kitchen feel light and open, and they match with just about anything! However, those who are considering painting their cabinets white often have a burning question: are white cabinets harder to keep clean than other colors?

No matter what color your kitchen cabinets are, they all receive the same amount of soiling and wear. The only difference is that white cabinets will show this sooner. To some homeowners, this is actually an advantage; if you can see the dirt, you know that it needs cleaning!

If you have (or if you want) white cabinets, there are two important ways to preserve their pristine look: prevention and cleaning.

Prevention as a Way to Keep White Cabinets Clean

One of the main ways that cabinets get dirty is when grease gets into the air during cooking. Any kind of frying will do this, whether you are sauteeing vegetables or making fried chicken. These grease particles come to rest on cabinet surfaces, and then when any dust, smoke, pollen or dirt comes into contact, it sticks.

The best way to prevent this is with a high-quality hood vent (unless you get takeout every night, but then you don't even need a kitchen!). A range hood sucks up the steam and smoke from your cooking and either sends it outside, or it filters out the grease before putting the air back into the kitchen.

When it comes to fingerprints, knobs and pulls are a great way to reduce the wear and soil on your white cabinets. If you need to physically grasp the edge of a cabinet or drawer each time you want to open it, the cleanliness is not going to last as long. But if you have an attractive knob or drawer pull to hold, the cabinet is kept cleaner.

Regular Washing to Keep Cabinets Clean

Even if you capture most cooking vapors and have good hardware on the cabinet fronts, you can't avoid all surface dirt. There will always be splashes and spills, fingermarks, dust and dirt. To clean them without causing damage, you need the right scrubber and the right solution.

The right scrubber is a soft cloth, preferably micro-fiber. Don't use anything abrasive, including steel wool, scouring pads, or even magic erasers. All of these will gradually degrade your finish until it is worn away.

Next, the solution. Again, avoid any kind of abrasive cleaner. The best option is to go with warm water with a little dishsoap in it, or with some vinegar and baking soda (try 2 cups water, 1 cup white vinegar, and 1 tablespoon of baking soda).

It Also Depends on the Quality of the Cabinet Paint

Not all white cabinets are equally able to resist staining and wear. If you are buying cabinets that are white from the factory, make sure it is a quality baked-on finish, not a thin plastic coating. If you are having the cabinets painted white, make sure it is done by a residential painting company who uses premium materials and a durable clear coat.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

If you are eager to join the happy ranks of white-kitchen owners, Southington Painting would be glad to help! Our painters are detail-oriented craftsmen who will make sure the cabinets are painted to maximize their beauty and lifespan.

Alternatively, if you would like to stay with a natural wood look, we offer wood staining and refinishing services for kitchen cabinets. You can finally say goodbye to that worn-out wood and enjoy elegant, classy cabinets again!

Southington Painting is based in Plantsville, Connecticut. We also serve Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, and select areas of New York.

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