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5 Ways to Make a Room Look Larger with Paint

With the new year often comes a desire for change, especially in regard to the way our spaces look. While most of us are not looking to put our homes on the market and start over in new ones, we can still make a difference. One of the best ways to add a little joy to a room is by capturing more natural light, painting with wall colors that give the illusion of space - more area to take a deep breath and stretch out.

Check out these suggestions on how to work a little interior painting magic in your home.


Create a focal point by using a bright color.

You can accomplish this trick by placing contrasting colors next to each other in a room. Choose one of the shorter walls and paint it black, blue, green or even a bold, brazen red. You can also make a small, square room seem larger by painting two walls opposite each other, opening up the space and giving you room to live life. Paint the rest of the walls white, or a white with a blush or greige tint.

To Make Light, Choose Light

Brighten the nooks and crannies by rolling liquid light on the walls and in alcoves and small office spaces. Choose colors that reflect the natural light you have in the room. Consider removing heavy, dark curtains and replacing them with pale blinds or light-filtering shades.

Use the same color everywhere.

This may seem boring at first but using the same light, bright color on all the walls, the ceiling, and the trim actually expands a space by drawing the eye up and around. Choose white, cream or even a breathy blue.

The right paint sheen can make a room feel bigger.

Using eggshell or satin paints reflect light and add depth to a room. Try semi-gloss or gloss on the trim and add to the reflective surfaces with art, accent furniture, and even light fixtures.

Let the sun shine in.

Consider using yellow as an accent color. Whether on shelves, wood furniture, or even an accent wall, yellow draws the sun into the room and spreads it out. We can all use more vitamin D, right?

For more inspiration, contact us at Southington Painting. We look forward to hearing from you, and would love to help you plan your next interior painting project.

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