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5 Signs That Your Central CT Home Is Ready for Exterior Painting

Just like almost every aspect of home maintenance, it’s best to catch problems with your exterior paint as early as possible. It’s a little like replacing your car’s tires when the tread gets low, rather than waiting for a blowout that leaves you stranded or in a dangerous situation.

Proactive care is the most cost-effective, practical option for painting too; waiting until full-on paint failure that calls for more involved surface repairs and prep just isn’t the best route to take.

So, is your Connecticut home ready for paint? Here are a few signs to watch out for.

It’s Time for Exterior Painting When You Notice...

Photo by Southington Painting Co LLC

#1 Peeling, Flaking Paint

This is the stage you definitely don’t want to reach, but we know sometimes it’s unavoidable for one reason or another. If you see paint failure, be sure to call your local house painting pro to catch any further breakdown before it grows.

#2 Spider Cracks

Right before exterior paint leaps off your siding and heads for the bushes, it will often form spider cracks, looking like little hairline fractures.

#3 Fading Paint

Especially on the west and south sides of your home, you might notice that your paint begins to fade a bit over the years. This is inevitable, regardless of the quality of the product used (a high-quality exterior paint will last longer, however!).

#4 Wood Rot

This wood-munching fungus causes major problems, especially if left unchecked. Thorough exterior painting services involve identifying, repairing, and/or replacing decayed wood.

#5 Split Caulking

Not only does caulk seal out pests and moisture, but it also contributes to the overall efficiency of your home by plugging the gaps where different materials meet. Your painter can check for brittle, damaged caulking that needs to be replaced.

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